Subcontract Package



The Subcontract Package by Ed Cross is the result of his decade of experience managing a subcontracting operation, followed by more than 25 years of court experience as a lawyer dealing with the nuances of the general contractor/subcontractor relationship. He has revised and updated his Subcontract many times over the years to maximize clarity and prevent common disputes, and now it is offered in a standardized Package with a collection of other important documents. 

The Subcontract is structured as a master agreement which sets forth the terms and conditions that will apply to all transactions with the subcontractor. Then, each transaction is documented with a one-page Work Order that incorporates the terms from the master agreement and forms a new contract. This eliminates the need to revisit lengthy terms and conditions for every project. The Work Order is included in the Package.  

The Package also includes a Worker’s Daily Health Questionnaire that allows the general contractor to document that the subcontractor’s workers exhibited no symptoms of COVID-19 infection.

General contractors traditionally have the luxury of negotiating favorable terms with subcontractors, and our Subcontract is strongly weighted in favor of the general contractor.

What’s in the Package?

The package includes a Master Subcontract and exhibits in Word format, accompanied by a set of Instructions. The documents are:

  • Master Subcontract with Instructions
  • The Master Subcontract attaches and includes:
    • Work Order
    • Rate and Materials Schedule
    • Change Order
    • Worker’s Confidential Daily Health Questionnaire

This Contract was not designed for Coronavirus work.  Please click here our for our COVID-19 contract.

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