Restore Confidence In Your Cleaning & Restoration Contracts

Insurance companies and customers are constantly fighting with you to cut the invoice down. And you know if you had the right contract in place, you could legally stand up to them. But it’s frustrating to know what questions to ask because the language lawyers use is confusing and complicated. But here’s the thing, it is wrong for someone to not pay you for services performed when you have correctly restored a person’s home or business. Our contracts are clear, simple and easy to implement within your company. Give your employees the confidence to stand up to the insurance companies, dishonest customers, and protect your business for years to come.

  • Save Time
  • Get Paid
  • Protect Your Business

We know how hard it is to decode lawyer terminology.

It often seems like it’s intentional and that it’s meant to confuse everyone. We’ve helped cleaning and restoration companies tailor contracts to their state’s rules and regulations so they are protected against insurance companies, dishonest customers, and unforeseen circumstances on losses.

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