California Household Movers Forms Package


California has enacted stringent laws controlling the business of household goods transportation. Several business models commonly operate within the scope of the household mover, including restoration companies, inter-state household movers, brokers, and storage container operations. If you move household goods, including doing move-outs and pack-outs, or if you are a subhauler, California law requires you to not only hold a Household Mover permit, but to follow a number of regulations and use a series of complex, mandatory forms. Our California Household Mover Form Package contains the required forms in customizable MS Word format, besides providing you the full text of the book of Maximum Rates and Rules issued by the Bureau of Household Goods and Services, as well as other informational materials and instructions. For only $100 more you can get the full suite of California Contents Contracts, Certificates, Releases, and California Household Movers Package plus a video training program by purchasing the Contents Restoration Contract Package


The State of California has very specific legal requirements for the forms that must be used to move households.

What’s Included
Available for IMMEDIATE download, this package includes:
The package includes all of the forms required by the Bureau of Household Goods, in customizable MS Word format and with added improvements for organization and record-keeping.

The documents in the package are:

  1. Basis for Mover’s Estimated Cost of Services and Table of Measurement;
  2. Estimated Cost of Services;
  3. Change Order for Services;
  4. Agreement for Moving Services;
  5. Shipping Order and Freight Bill;
  6. Important Notice About Your Move;
  7. Important Information for Persons Moving Household Goods (aka the “booklet”);
  8. Maximum Rates and Rules for the Transportation of Used Property;
  9. Instructions;
  10. Relevant advisory and news release by the Bureau of Household Goods.

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