Contents Restoration Contract Package + Training Program, 2nd Edition


Contents restoration companies can now take advantage of these special contract forms and provisions for inventories, packouts, restorationstorage, and packbacks. All forms listed below are included in this extensive package.



Contents Restoration Professionals all over the nation now have an opportunity to take charge of their contents restoration contracts and documentation with an easy video training program and forms package specially-tailored for the unique challenges of personal property restoration. Whether you are a full-service or a contents-focused restoration company, this program can be a great asset to your documentation system. It is designed to improve customer communications, accelerate collections, and reduce risk exposure.

The package covers all phases of contents restoration from inventories, to packouts, to restoration, to packbacks. States vary in laws governing the transportation of household goods. Some of these laws have stringent requirements of the contract. ALWAYS review your contracts with a local attorney to ensure it complies with state law.

Our Contents package is adaptable and ready to be made compliant in your state. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to hire a lawyer to create forms from scratch, we offer you a much more economical alternative. Your lawyer hits the ground running with industry-specific contract provisions prepared by an expert. Besides being designed based on our nationally-recognized knowledge of the industry and its legalities, our forms allow you to save time and money. Simply bring the package to your local attorney for a final review to make it “legal” in your state. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Already using our Cleaning & Restoration Contract package?

The Cleaning & Restoration Packages can be used for mitigation, remediation, reconstruction, and contents. But many prefer a contract dedicated to contents, so we developed this special set of forms with new, in-depth provisions addressing the special challenges faced by contents restoration contractors, and video training to walk you through the process.

What’s in the Package?

The package includes a comprehensive variety of forms in Word format, accompanied by a set of detailed instructions and lively instructional video from Uncle Ed! The documents are:

  • Contents Restoration Contract
  • Work Order
  • Change Order
  • Packout Authorization
  • Disposal Authorization
  • Salvageable Contents Inventory
  • Total Loss Contents Inventory
  • Mold Release
  • Refusal of Recommendations & Release of Liability
  • Customer Refusal Form Letter
  • Certificates of Completion & Satisfaction
  • Daily Visitor Log
  • Packout Authorization
  • Instructions
  • Over Two Hours of Training Video by Ed Cross
  • BONUS California Household Mover Form Package

California Contents Restoration Service Provider? California has enacted stringent laws controlling the business of household goods transportation. Several business models commonly operate within the scope of the household mover, including restoration companies, inter-state household movers, brokers, and storage container operations. If you move household goods, including doing move-outs and pack-outs, or if you are a subhauler, California law requires you to not only hold a Household Mover permit but to follow a number of regulations and use a series of complex, mandatory forms. Our California Household Mover Form Package contains the required forms in customizable MS Word format, besides providing you the full text of the book of Maximum Rates and Rules issued by the Bureau of Household Goods and Services, as well as other informational materials and instructions. The  California Household Mover Form Package is included in the Contents Restoration Contract Package. This is for a company operating in California and moving household goods on public roads.

Fully-editable MS Word format integrates with Encircle for digital signatures

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