The Definitive Guide to the Restorer’s Most Powerful Collection Device

There is no greater way to empower a restorer to recover fair market value for restoration service than with a properly-drafted Assignment of Insurance Rights. Assignments allow restorers to cause insurance companies to pay a reasonable price for restoration service, and to pay a second time if the insurer sends the restorer’s money to the policyholder.

Learn how to:

  • Get EMPOWERED with an Assignment of Insurance Rights
  • Present an assignment to the policyholder
  • Present an assignment to the insurance company
  • Overcome the use of standardized prices as global prices
  • Enforce the right to fair market value for services rendered
  • Cause the carrier to pay twice if it releases funds to the insured
  • Receive the right to appraisal and legal action against the carrier
  • Prosecute claims directly against the insurance company

The book includes:

  • Super-charged “Assignment of Insurance Rights” (50 States + D.C.) in customizable Word format
  • Customizable “Notice of Assignment” form letters to send to carriers
  • Detailed instructions on presenting and prosecuting assignments
  • Script to overcome insurance company objectives

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Ed Cross Assignment of benefits 2nd edition