The eBook on the Assignment of Benefits

A Restoration Contractor’s Guide with Forms & Instructions.

When property insurance policyholders suffer property damage, they want the damage mitigated as quickly as possible. They hope that their insurance companies will pay the whole bill, aside from the deductible. Unfortunately, aggressive tactics from the insurance industry creates great uncertainty as to whether the insurance company will pay a reasonable cost for the work. 

A properly-drafted Assignment of Insurance Rights is often the best solution to this problem. It allows a contractor to make a claim directly against the insurance company.

In this eBook, Ed Cross, the nationally-recognized legal resource for the property damage restoration industry, shares his battle tested Assignment (now in its 19th edition). He dispels the myths about assignments, and neutralizes the stigma that arose from an isolated scenario in Florida. He explains when and how to use assignments, how to present them to customers and carriers, how to overcome objections, and how to prosecute them. 

The book includes editable assignment forms in MS WORD format and instructions to help accelerate the collections process and maximize the amounts recovered. Nothing else like it is available anywhere.

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