Restore Confidence In Your Subcontracts

Subcontractors need to be held accountable for the work they do –or don’t do. The last thing you want to hear is that your main cleaning and restoration contract won’t cover the damages your subcontractor caused. If you had the right contract in place, you could legally stand up to them and protect your company and your clients.

Our contracts are clear, simple and easy to implement within your company. Protect your company and give your employees the confidence to properly hire subcontractors without the worry that you won’t be covered.

  • Save Time
  • Get Paid
  • Protect Your Business

What’s Included

Available for IMMEDIATE download, this package includes:

The package includes a Master Subcontract and exhibits in Word format, accompanied by a set of Instructions. The documents are:

  • Master Subcontract with Instructions
  • The Master Subcontract attaches and includes:
    – Work Order
    – Rate and Materials Schedule
    – Change Order
    – Worker’s Confidential Daily Health Questionnaire

This Contract was not designed for Coronavirus work.  Please CLICK HERE for our COVID-19 contract.

Hiring a lawyer to create material this robust would cost several thousand dollars, in addition to the time it takes to explain the nuances of cleaning and restoration work to the lawyer, but it is available here for only $895!

We know how hard it is to decode lawyer terminology.

It often seems like it’s intentional and that it’s meant to confuse everyone. We’ve helped cleaning and restoration companies tailor contracts to their state’s rules and regulations so they are protected against insurance companies, dishonest customers, and unforeseen circumstances on losses.

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