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Ed Speaks

R&R Editor-in-Cheif Michelle Blevins hosts The Restoration Lawyer, Ed Cross about his efforts with RIA’s Advocacy & Government Affairs Committee

Xactware Founder, Bill Loveland, Responds to Questions from Ed Cross About Xactimate.

Xactware Founder, Bill Loveland, takes the stage at RIA’s 2019 Fire Summit after expressing a desire to set the record straight about what he had heard from AGA.

He agreed to take questions and responded to pointed questions from Ed Cross about the accuracy and stagnation of Xactimate prices, the imperfectness of their system, their intention that Xactimate prices only be used for “reference,” and Xactware’s commitment to work with RIA to improve the process.

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Unlicensed California Contractors Get Nailed in Statewide Sting Operations

In California, it’s illegal for an unlicensed person to bid for or perform any home improvement valued at $500 or more in combined labor and material costs. The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) licenses and regulates almost 290,000 contractors in California and is one of the leading consumer protection agencies in the United States. In Read More

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Cross-Examination: Who is in Charge of Setting Restoration Prices?

‘We Don’t Pay for That.’ Why DON’T you Pay for That? The insurance industry is legally required to adapt to what the restoration industry charges. It is not the other way around. Carriers need an objectively reasonable justification for denial of claims decisions or they face liability for insurance bad faith.  “When restorers allow insurers Read More

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Cross Examination: Are Work Authorizations Really Contracts?

There is continuous confusion about work authorizations and contracts. A work authorization authorizes the restorer to enter and do the work. A contract is an agreement between 2 or more parties intending to be legally enforceable.  Work Authorization + Payment Clause ? Contract. The purpose of a contract, especially when thought out intentionally, is to Read More