Texas Disaster Remediation Contract Package




Don’t wander into the Lone Star State unprepared!  This robust package addresses all of the terms and disclosures required by Texas law, and includes important instructions to address common contractor pitfalls.  These forms demystify the differences between requirements for residential and commercial contracts.  The rules vary depending on whether the contractor has a permanent place of business in the Texas county where the work is performed, or in an adjacent county.  Different rules apply to companies coming in from out of the area, even if they are licensed in Texas.  These easy-to-use forms are adaptable for many different contracting scenarios, and can be used for everything from carpet cleaning to remediation to significant reconstruction projects.  The contract is broken up in to a series of one-page forms, rather than a single document that spills over onto multiple pages.

What’s in the Package?

The package includes a comprehensive variety of forms in Word format, accompanied by a set of Instructions and Scripts. The documents are:

  • Service Agreement:  More than just a “Work Authorization,” this is an actual contract that requires the customer to pay and outlines the scope of work and other vital terms.  Do not call it a “Work Authorization.”  Always call it a “contract”!
  • Terms and Conditions: Includes the payment terms required by the Texas Business & Commerce code, as well as important disclaimers and releases.
  • Notice of Cancellation:  Special language required by Texas law for consumer contracts
  • Residential Construction Disclosure: Extensive disclosures that are mandatory for residential construction projects in the State of Texas.  This includes all of them, as well as a notice of Texas mechanic’s lien laws.
  • Mortgage Information Release: Authorizes mortgage companies to disclose payment status and other vital information directly to the contractor and states that customer waives the right of privacy.
  • Mold Notice: To place occupants on notice of the discovery of mold and inform them of the basics of indoor air quality.
  • Mold Release: Addresses liability issues relating to pre-existing conditions and other indoor air quality problems.
  • Refusal of Recommendations and Release of Liability:  Documents a customer’s refusal to follow a contractor’s recommendations and states that the contractor will not be liable for damages resulting from that refusal.
  • Refusal Confirmation Letter:  Form letter to customers who refuse to sign the Refusal of Recommendations and Release of Liability.  Designed to create a paper trail to document key events.
  • Customer’s Certificate of Completion and Satisfaction: Insurance companies and mortgage companies often wait for documentation of the customer’s satisfaction prior to releasing insurance proceeds
  • Contents Disposal Authorization: Confirms the customer’s instruction to dispose of specified items.
  • Change Order: For changes to price, scope, time of completion
  • Scripts: For a smooth presentation of each form to the customer
  • Detailed Instruction Guide: For the use and execution of each form
  • The “Dos and Don’ts of Contracts” Webinar by Ed Cross
  • Helpful Handouts

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Best Value! The Texas Cleaning & Restoration Contract Package includes all of the items listed above a $3,600 value, all for only $895!

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