Why do I need this?

  • Customer-Friendly: Don’t scare away the customer!  These simple 1-page forms are written in Plain English.  They include moderately aggressive legal terms without frightening the customer. The goal is to clearly communicate what each party can expect from the other.  If no one understands the contract, there is no “meeting of the minds.”
  • Selling: Both the California and Texas packages include the industry’s only easy-to-memorize scripts of suggested dialogue for a smooth and easy verbal presentation of each form to the customer.  A well-planned presentation will help reduce the stress of negotiating a sale. They also create consistency within your organization––a hallmark of professionalism.  Many managerial problems disappear when everyone in the organization answers the frequently-asked questions the same way.
  • Bonus: Each package comes with detailed instructions on its use, negotiation and execution.  The instructions include numerous helpful tips about sales, overcoming objections, proper documentation and potential legal issues. 
  • User-Friendly:  Most of all, using the forms is easy!  They come in Microsoft WORD format and are easy to edit from your desktop.  Download them instantly from this site and type in your contact information.  Each has a space for your company logo.  Print them from your computer or send them to a printing service for mass production.  Fill in the blanks by hand or with your computer.  They’re easy to send by email or fax.
  • Universal: The forms are adaptable can be used easily for everything from carpet cleaning and small emergency water damage to major reconstruction projects.  Simply check the appropriate boxes for the type of job, scope and pricing method.