Business owners in the current economy need legal counsel with the ability to help anticipate and address legal issues on every level, from day-to-day corporate counseling and regulatory compliance to customer and vendor relations, to major management crises.

The Law Offices of Edward H. Cross is an owner’s best friend, skilled at thinking outside the box to find quick and economical solutions to the special challenges facing businesses in today’s economy. This includes contract drafting and negotiation, dispute resolution and business planning in the areas of construction, property restoration, professional cleaning, environmental consulting, real estate and general business.

Edward H. Cross has been drafting and negotiating contracts since the 1980’s, when he began in the construction industry. Since then, his contract law work has expanded into the fields of cleaning and restoration, manufacturing, real estate and environmental consulting. His contracts are used hundreds of times a day across the country for small and large transactions, and he authored the Standardized Cleaning & Restoration Contract Forms.

We take an active interest in the legal and practical concerns of our business clients. We earn satisfied clients who often initially come to us seeking a review of their contracts and then turn to us later when the need for litigation services arises. Our clients are counseled not only in contract law, but in such issues as the advantages and disadvantages of forming holding companies, unique approaches to risk management and other practical solutions to new business concerns. Our practice is devoted to litigation prevention as much as it is dedicated to litigation itself.

It is our belief that by assisting clients in making important decisions from the beginning of their “company life,” and building a relationship that grows with them as their needs grow, we can better equip ourselves to answer the concerns that evolve as a business grows. Many of our clients started with us as fledgling companies – and now thrive on successes as we continue to service their legal needs.

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