Michigan Cleaning & Restoration Contract Package





Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Collections?

Imagine a day when your files close without the friction that constantly disrupts a restoration business. It’s time to rise above the petty bickering that interferes with the achievement of your goals. With the right tools, you can realize your dreams faster and easier. 

Don’t Use Homemade Contracts!

Restorers often face trouble collecting money because they have not protected their right to payment with a professionally-prepared contract. The days of the old fashioned “Work Authorization” are over. The traditional Work Authorization does not secure the right to payment and does not create legal rights a contractor can use in court. 

What’s in the Package?

Our standardized Cleaning & Restoration Package for the State of Michigan is a robust collection of contract forms, disclaimers, disclosures, forms, and guidance material designed by experts in the legal and financial issues that impact Michigan restorers. Nothing like it is available anywhere, and now it is available to Michigan restorers at a small fraction of the cost to hire a lawyer to draft contracts from scratch.

The package includes a comprehensive variety of forms in fully-editable Word format, accompanied by a set of Instructions and Scripts. The documents are:

  • Michigan-Compliant Home Improvement Contract & Work Authorization
  • Michigan Commercial Contract
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Change Order
  • Contents Disposal Authorization
  • Mold Notice & Disclaimer
  • Release of Liability for Mold
  • Mortgage Information Release
  • Refusal of Recommendations and Release of Liability
  • Refusal Confirmation Letter 
  • Customer’s Certificate of Completion and Satisfaction (buy separately)
The Package consists of fully-editable forms in MS Word format, ready to add your logo and letterhead!  It is adaptable and ready to be made compliant in your state.

Why do I need this?

The success of your collections depends on a variety of factors, and while we cannot guarantee your success, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or your money back, no questions asked.