What makes the EC Team special? Our zest for our work and for each other. “Culture” is a popular buzzword that many employers use too casually. But look beneath the hood. Is there any evidence that it’s a stimulating and fun place to work, or will you just get lost in a big machine doing dull work?

We take a team approach to all of our work to ensure everyone has the support they need. Our small but robust workforce is highly diverse; comprised of dedicated professionals from a broad spectrum of races, religions, ages, national origins, and orientations. We hire talent, and the operation never gets sluggish because we keep the work environment engaging and dynamic.

The Executive Team operates from our corporate headquarters in Palm Desert, California. The rest of the EC Team works remotely but we meet socially, both in person and virtually. We have well-established, state-of-the-art technology featuring cloud-based computer and telephone networks, a full-time Information Technology Manager and a sophisticated IT Support structure to make your work easier, and enhance your freedom and mobility in this fully remote, work-from-home position.

Our diverse backgrounds give us well-rounded perspectives which help us collaboratively tackle every issue we face. The team promotes a welcoming environment for sharing ideas and problem solving. Every role is valuable and inviting open communication from each member is what helps drives our success and growth. 

We celebrate one another’s achievements. We support one another in tasks. We are family owned and operated and are staunch supporters of the family lives of our teammates. We include families in our events, whether it is celebrating the growth of a team member’s family, giving emotional support for those with parenting struggles, or celebrating grandparent roles, we are family-centric! 

We believe in the work we are doing. It’s not just a way to make money. It’s not just a career.

It’s a calling.

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“Friendly, fun, and highly competent”

Ed Cross strikes just the right balance between friendly, fun, and highly competent. That applies everywhere, but for me the most striking example was at the 2021 RIA Convention in Orlando. Even then, during the throes of complete talk-show wingtip silliness, with all of the cameras and stories and laughter, everyone there knew that Ed was being zealous and effective.
Bryan K. Theis
Of Counsel

“More than just a number”

We are treated as valuable members of a team and more than just a number. There is a long term outlook in how employees are treated; there is understanding when life happens and we are unable to work. As our skills, experience, interests, and understanding evolve in the work space, so do our roles. We are not restricted to one scope, we are encouraged to do things that interest us, and things that we are good at.
Lily Atkins
Law Clerk / Innovation Manager

Industry Events

Daily Life @ The LOEHC