Bring your own paralegal with you to join the team! We like to hire in pairs!

Are you doing work that is important?

The mission of the Law Offices of Edward H. Cross is simple: we force property insurance companies to comply with the terms of their policies and pay a fair amount for property damage claims. Through powerful networking, community advocacy, innovation and excellent client service, we doubled our revenue in 2021.

Check out our Corporate Culture.

Our practice is dedicated to the representation of property damage restoration contractors, and we dominate this space nationally, keeping the insurance industry in check and defining the contours of property insurance claims handling practices. Our clients restore insured properties damaged in natural disasters, fires, floods, and hurricanes. We take on the world’s largest insurance companies on behalf of restorers. We have pioneered innovative strategies to level the playing field for honest, hard-working contractors. In 2021, we published two leading books in this field. When insurers wrongfully withhold hundreds of millions of dollars that should be paid to return properties to their pre-loss condition, it interferes with the restoration of property, which hurts property values, and makes it harder for victims to get back on their feet. This is your opportunity to do work that impacts the national economy. See our YouTube Channel.

You deserve to make more money.

Our unparalleled national reputation as experts in this field allows us to command significant fees for our service. Our work is predominantly billed on an hourly fee basis. Our efficiency-based remote work model operates with low overhead and high profit margins that allow us to pay higher salaries than other firms ordinarily pay. This position starts with base salaries ranging from $125,000.00 to $225,000.00 per year, plus generous Production Bonuses. The more you generate, the more you make. We embrace your financial success, and will work with you to develop a win-win compensation structure, while allowing you to maintain a life outside of work.

Do you feel you matter to your firm?

At some businesses, the customer comes first. At the Law Offices of Edward H. Cross, the employees come first. The reason is simple. Happy employees do better work and are more fun to be around. Clients receive the best service from employees who feel cared for, respected, and well compensated. When clients receive great service, they buy more. Everyone wins.

Your firm should empower you.

We are here to empower you with a robust employee support system that is laser-focused on systematically eliminating every obstacle to your success. Our world-class Paralegal Department is at your disposal with outstanding experience in this area of law, thorough legal research and substantive writing to make your job easier and more fulfilling. You provide the strategy, the legal knowhow, the writing and speaking skills, and the creative design, and let the Paralegal Department handle as many of the mechanics as you wish. We succeed when you are making the highest and best use of your time. Associates have direct hands-on experience handling complex cases that shape the future of property insurance claims. Associates will be immersed in the day-to-day handling of cases including discovery, meet and confer procedures, law and motion, court appearances, and other tasks as assigned. Manage cases from client vetting to resolution and conclusion with guidance and support of the team every step of the way.

Is your firm holding you back?

You will be on a partnership track from day one. The benchmarks will be clear. You will have the facility to accomplish each step on the track. We have well-established, state-of-the-art technology featuring cloud-based computer and telephone networks and sophisticated IT Support to enhance your freedom and mobility in this fully remote, work-from-home position. We partner with you to customize the job with a schedule and job description that will accelerate the accomplishment of your personal and professional goals.
Administratively, we run a tight and organized ship so you can focus on what you do best. We rally behind employees when they are defeated, and celebrate them when they are victorious. Let us show you what we can do for you!

Work in a field that interests you.

We are a fast-growing, award-winning transactional and civil litigation boutique with offices in Palm Desert, CA, Honolulu, HI, and offices opening soon in Dallas, TX, and New York, NY. We settle contract, workmanship, and environmental claims, usually without the need for litigation. When the need for litigation arises, we vigorously litigate cases for breach of contract, common counts, mechanic’s lien foreclosures, insurance bad faith, and conversion of insurance proceeds. We provide broad-based transactional, risk management and problem-solving services and are trusted advisors for senior leadership of many of the biggest names in the national property damage industry.

Control your destiny.

Do you have executive skills? Our current growth trajectory allows you to have a seat at the table for important business decisions the firm will make about expansion. We produce and sell training materials, books, and other products and have opportunities in several different verticals. Our boutique is small enough to give you a big voice. We are nimble and act quickly when our clients must respond to wildfires, winter freezes, hurricanes, and even pandemics. We will invite your input and innovative ideas to maximize these opportunities. This is your opportunity to influence the course the firm will take, and you will do it as part of a highly diverse team.

Work to live; don’t live to work.

Work should be fun! We do interesting work for likeable people. We operate in a lively, fast-paced, but lighthearted way. Our 26 years in operation have proven that our greatest assets are our long-term employees who have rich, rewarding personal lives. The longer you hold the position, the more you learn, and the more profit you will generate. We appreciate and reward dedication but do not want our employees to live for this job. This job exists for you to make your personal life better, and if you have frequent opportunities to recharge your batteries, you will be more productive. Anything less is unsustainable and unhealthy for the firm. Employee burnout is bad for morale and decreases profit. We embrace your right to have a personal life. Work from a remote location of your choice. We know that “life happens” and offer flexibility in the work schedule. We prosper from long-term relationships with our teammates, and will work with you to customize the job so your personal life can flourish.

Put your qualifications to work.

We are seeking an experienced Civil Litigation Associate with a minimum five years’ experience and an active license in at least one of the following states: CA, HI, NV, TX, WA, NY, or NC. The ideal team member will be well versed in property insurance claims, or areas such as insurance bad faith, construction, or real estate law. We’re searching for a driven professional with good people skills, who is analytical, thorough, and systematic. The right candidate is the type who takes the initiative, is self-managing, diplomatic, proactive, and can make things happen. You will be acknowledged and rewarded for your hard work and effort.

What we offer.

  • Salary of $125,000.00 to $225,000.00
  • 100% Paid Medical and Dental PPO Coverage Starting on Day One
  • 2 Weeks Paid Vacation in Year One; 2.5 Weeks in Year Two; and 3 Weeks in Year Three
  • Guaranteed Performance Bonuses
  • 4% match on 401(k) retirement plan
  • Bring your favorite assistant or paralegal. We like to hire in pairs!

Take your career to the next level.

To apply for this unique opportunity, please submit a detailed cover letter explaining your career goals, and résumé to with the subject line “Civil Litigator Wants to be Appreciated!” All résumés will be received in the strictest of confidence.

$5,000 bounty.

If this position isn’t right for you, but you know someone who may be a fit, send them our way and we will send you five thousand dollars on their 90th day on the job with us!

The Law Offices of Edward H. Cross is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate applicants on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, marital status, and political affiliation.

We look forward to working with you.