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  • California Cleaning & Restoration Contract Package


      California is widely considered the most litigious state in the Union. Combine this with the risky nature of environmental work, and the emotionally charged nature of emergency service, and you have a recipe for disaster for the unprepared. California contractors now have an opportunity to take charge of their projects with carefully crafted contract Read More

  • California Household Movers Forms Package


    California has enacted stringent laws controlling the business of household goods transportation. Several business models commonly operate within the scope of the household mover, including restoration companies, inter-state household movers, brokers, and storage container operations. If you move household goods, including doing move-outs and pack-outs, or if you are a subhauler, California law requires you to not only hold a Household Mover permit, but to follow a number of regulations and use a series of complex, mandatory forms. Our California Household Mover Form Package contains the required forms in customizable MS Word format, besides providing you the full text of the book of Maximum Rates and Rules issued by the Bureau of Household Goods and Services, as well as other informational materials and instructions. For only $100 more you can get the full suite of California Contents Contracts, Certificates, Releases, and California Household Movers Package plus a video training program by purchasing the Contents Restoration Contract Package

  • California Coronavirus [COVID-19] Service Contract Package


    Last Updated: May 28, 2020 Our California Coronavirus Service Contract Package is available for immediate download in easy-to-use MS WORD format, ready to add your logo and address.  It addresses the fact that the work area can be immediately re-contaminated after the application of disinfectant, and is offered with our special Zero Risk Guarantee.  If you are Read More

  • Subcontract Package


    The Subcontract Package by Ed Cross is the result of his decade of experience managing a subcontracting operation, followed by more than 25 years of court experience as a lawyer dealing with the nuances of the general contractor/subcontractor relationship. He has revised and updated his Subcontract many times over the years to maximize clarity and Read More

  • The Book On The California Right to Cancel, a Restoration Contractor’s Training Program with Forms, Instructions & Training Video by Ed Cross


    16 pages of text and instructions, 8 pages of forms, extensive video instruction, and 43 pages of selected California statutes.

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