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  • Florida Cleaning & Restoration Contract Package


    Last Updated: 3/21/22 To Purchase the Florida Cleaning & Restoration Contract: Are you ready to reap the rewards of the lucrative restoration business in the great state of Florida?  This robust contract package addresses all of the terms and disclosures required by Florida law, and includes important instructions to address common contractor pitfalls.  These forms Read More

  • Employer’s COVID-19 Protection Crash Course


    Last Updated: September 9, 2020 Businesses are under attack with lawsuits arising from COVID-19, and aggressive plaintiffs’ lawyers are arguing exceptions to workers compensation rules in order to sue employers for monetary damages in civil court.  A series of new laws, including the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) imposes legal duties on certain employers Read More

  • Florida Coronavirus [COVID-19] Service Contract Package


    Last Updated: March 25, 2020 Our Florida Coronavirus Service Contract Package is available for immediate download in easy-to-use MS WORD format, ready to add your logo and address.  It addresses the fact that the work area can be immediately re-contaminated after the application of disinfectant, and is offered with our special Zero Risk Guarantee.  If you are Read More

  • Subcontract Package


    Last Updated: June16, 2021 The Subcontract Package by Ed Cross is the result of his decade of experience managing a subcontracting operation, followed by more than 25 years of court experience as a lawyer dealing with the nuances of the general contractor/subcontractor relationship. He has revised and updated his Subcontract many times over the years Read More

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