How to Set Customer Expectations in a COVID Cleanup Contract

Many uncertainties surround efforts to control the dreaded coronavirus in an indoor environment.  Customers who hire professionals have high expectations, but the professionals cannot see, smell, or photograph the virus, so it is difficult to prove the necessity or the success of the work.  This increases the chances of misunderstandings that create liability risks to service providers.  Ordinary restoration contracts and work authorizations were never written to address any of these problems.  They leave contractors vulnerable to liability when the lethal coronavirus is present.

The good news is that a good communications strategy and a strong COVID Cleanup Contract can mitigate these risks, and make for a smooth and satisfying transaction for both the customer and the provider.  The key is to set the right expectations and then confirm them in a COVID-specific contract signed before any work begins.  For the steps in this strategy, please check out the R&R article How to Set Customer Expectations in a COVID Cleanup Contract.

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