Last Updated: July 16, 2020

To purchase the Subcontract Package:

The Subcontract Package, or Subcontractor Packet, is designed for subcontractors that are signing up for jobs under a General Contractor. It provides subcontractors with a powerful Master Subcontract that sets forth robust legal protections and creates the legal framework under which the work will be done. Included in the package are a variety of forms that work in tandem with the Master Agreement.

What’s in the Package?

The package includes a Master Subcontract and exhibits in Word format, accompanied by a set of Instructions. The documents are:

  • Master Subcontract with Instructions
  • The Master Subcontract attaches and includes:
    • Work Order
    • Rate and Materials Schedule
    • Change Order
    • Worker’s Confidential Daily Health Questionnaire

This Contract was not designed for Coronavirus work.  Please click here our for our COVID-19 contract.

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