Florida Statutes section 627.422:?Assignment of policies or post-loss benefits.

A policy may be assignable, or not assignable, as provided by its terms. Any such assignment shall entitle the insurer to deal with the assignee as the owner or pledgee of the policy in accordance with the terms of the assignment, until the insurer has received at its home office written notice of termination of the assignment or pledge or written notice by or on behalf of some other person claiming some interest in the policy in conflict with the assignment.

(1)?LIFE OR HEALTH INSURANCE POLICIES.—Subject to its terms relating to assignability, any life or health insurance policy under the terms of which the beneficiary may be changed upon the sole request of the policyowner may be assigned either by pledge or transfer of title, by an assignment executed by the policyowner alone and delivered to the insurer, whether or not the pledgee or assignee is the insurer.

(2)?POST-LOSS BENEFITS UNDER CERTAIN PROPERTY INSURANCE POLICIES.—A residential or commercial property insurance policy may not prohibit the assignment of post-loss benefits unless it complies with s. 627.7153.

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