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  • Get Paid! Book [Instant PDF Download]


    When they have taken your money…
    When they won’t pay you…
    You need the GET PAID book!


    Get Paid Book CoverThe only book ever written that tells contractors how to get their hard-earned money from insurance companies, mortgage companies, homeowners and others. And it was written by the top names in the industry: Ed Cross, The “Restoration Lawyer,” Tim Miller, Tim Hull, Marty King, Dianne Dennis (Informed Contractors), Pete Consigli and many, many more… Includes Foreword by industry veteran Cliff Zlotnik.

    Over 100 sure fire, time tested techniques that really work!

    Over 30 of the most trusted names in contracting.  

    • Ed Cross – “The Restoration Lawyer,” and his attorney associate, Julie B. Isen Esq., want to share ways of, “Making Mortgage Companies Work With You (And Beating the Money Out of Them if They Don’t)”
    • The adjuster makes false allegations of defective work against you? The owner makes unsubstantiated back-charges against you, after you have finished the project? There is only one thing you need to do to beat these tactics,  Anthony Igra shows us – but you have to do it before they start telling lies about you.   (Anthony Igra is the owner of, “Contractors Debt Recovery,” the company that has already recovered over $20 million for contractors!)
    • Jim Thompson – a large loss consultant and expert witness who routinely wins money for contractors (often before they even enter a courtroom) tells how to get paid well, get paid in days (not months or years) and how to deal with adjusters with virtually no resistance at all.
    • George Hedley – author of, “Everything Contractors Know About Making A Profit!” says contractors might find “…some judges or juries who might be soft-hearted, but they shouldn’t count on that to win their case and get paid.” Instead he recommends one easy strategy that will put the balance of power in your hands (so you can win before the battle even begins.)
    • And George gave us a second chapter – “Get Paid Faster.” We think that pretty much says it all.
    • Think liens are the best way to go? Not if you do them wrong – if you haven’t covered your bases, you could lose big time.
    • Tim Cordle, who works as an expert witness for the insurance companies (against contractors), will show you a dozen ways you could lose in a court battle – then he shows you how to “plug the holes,” so you can put up an iron-clad defense and a cold-steel offense. And every one of them is simple, simple, simple — and extremely important.
    • Scott Wolfe Jr. an attorney with practices in several states, wants you to know, “Why Customers Don’t Pay And What To Do When It Happens.”
    • ServiceMaster franchisee Kent Riddle (Tennessee) tells how a simple change in strategy got the owner and the adjuster to agree to pay him every day.
    • They put your invoice “in review” or “push back?” Barb and Tim Jackson tell two methods they use to get their clients out of push back and get their money — other contents trainers don’t teach them — but they will now (once they learn how from Barb and Tim’s chapter!)

    Over 100 ways to make sure you get paid the money you have earned.

    I wish that this book was available when I entered the industry, this book helps shift the balance of power to favor insurance repair contractors and is required reading for everyone entering the field.

    Cliff Zlotnik, Disaster Restoration Pioneer

  • ed cross author on restoration collections

    The Book On Restoration Collections


    The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Restoration Receivables

    • Build a Powerful Restoration Contract
    • Price Every Job to Maximize Your Profits
    • Obtain a Copy of the Policy & All Claims Documents
    • Be in the Loop for Every Communication with the Adjuster
    • Defeat Attempts to Use Standardized Prices as Global Prices
    • Neutralize Adjuster Excuses & Cut Through the Smokescreen
    • Enforce the Right to Fair Market Value of the Work
    • Overcome Challenges from Third-Party Consultants
    • Properly Leverage Mechanic’s Liens
    • Decide If, When, and Whom to Sue
  • Ed Cross Assignment of benefits 2nd edition

    The Book on the Assignment of Benefits 2nd Edition


    The Definitive Guide to the Restorer’s Most Powerful Collection Device

    Learn how to:

    • Get EMPOWERED with an Assignment of Insurance Rights
    • Present an assignment to the policyholder
    • Present an assignment to the insurance company
    • Overcome the use of standardized prices as global prices
    • Enforce the right to fair market value for services rendered
    • Cause the carrier to pay twice if it releases funds to the insured
    • Receive the right to appraisal and legal action against the carrier
    • Prosecute claims directly against the insurance company

    The book includes:

    • A super-charged “Assignment of Insurance Rights/AOB” – fillable forms for 50 States
    • Customizable “Notice of Assignment” form letters to send to carriers
    • Detailed instructions on presenting and prosecuting assignments
    • Script to overcome insurance company objections
  • The Book On The California Right to Cancel, a Restoration Contractor’s Training Program with Forms, Instructions & Training Video by Ed Cross


    16 pages of text and instructions, 8 pages of forms, extensive video instruction, and 43 pages of selected California statutes.

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