Affordable contract forms in plain English: easy to use, and weighted in favor of the restoration contractor. Crafted by Edward H. Cross, the nationally-recognized authority on cleaning and restoration contracts and legal issues, these forms distill his experience and knowledge based on his extensive experience in over 25 years of practice. Now you can own what has taken many years to develop and enhance. Read about the Key Features.

Coronavirus Service Contract Packages

Robust Service Contract Packages crafted for Coronavirus [COVID-19] disinfecting services are available for immediate download for a fraction of the cost of a lawsuit.

Cleaning & Restoration Contract Packages

Our Cleaning & Restoration Contracts Packages allow you to take charge of your projects with a variety of carefully-crafted contract forms, all in one bundle.

Separate Forms

Some of our forms are available as stand-alone purchases

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Our Contract Forms Are Expertly Crafted for the Restoration Industry

Insurance companies are slashing restoration invoices more than ever before, and mold lawsuits are filed every day.  To prosper, you must have cutting edge documentation. 

We offer packages that consist of much more than just forms; they are entire contract management systems, complete with guidance material, instructions for use, scripts for sales presentations and many handy tips.  There is no comparable product available anywhere, at any price.  Why do I need this?