The Restoration Industry would not have arrived at its level of excellency without the tireless work of the dedicated trainers that pour their expertise and knowledge into the field, enabling countless restorers worldwide to provide outstanding service while abiding by industry standards and regulations. Below, we humbly present you with some of those trainers. Be sure to follow the links to their websites for more information on how you can bring their expertise into your operation.

Barry Costa

Barry Costa has had decades-long impact in the cleaning and restoration field, starting off with his father’s business in the 1960’s. He holds several certifications in the carpet installation and restoration industry, including IICRC certified Master Cleaner, Master Restorer, and C.F.I Master Carpet Installer. 

Barry has had a long history in education, bringing that experience to the cleaning and restoration industry. He is an IICRC-approved instructor in the field, having won several awards for his educational role in the restoration area. A key speaker at many industry events, he is a contributing author to several national water damage standards such as  ANSI/IICRC S500. Recently, he has completed the Antimicrobial State by State Requirements Research Project, which is a state-by-state question and answer from the Agricultural Departments as to whether or not a license and/or certification is required to apply antimicrobials and what their requirements might be. Having served and chaired many national committees within the cleaning and restoration industry, Barry’s dedication and expertise in the field is unparalleled.

For more information, visit the Costa Group Education’s website.