California is widely considered the most litigious state in the Union. Combine this with the risky nature of environmental work, and the emotionally-charged nature of emergency service, and you have a recipe for disaster for the unprepared. California contractors now have an opportunity to take charge of their projects with carefully-crafted contract forms. The package includes:

  • Work Authorization/Service Agreement
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Notice and Waiver of the Right to Cancel (CA) (buy separately)
  • Notice of Mechanic’s Lien Laws (CA) (buy separately)
  • Notice of Contractor’s State License Board Information (CA) (buy separately)
  • Mortgage Information Release
  • Mold Release
  • Tender of Assignment to Insurance Company: Letter placing insurance company on formal notice of the customer’s assignment of insurance proceeds (buy separately)
  • Refusal of Recommendations and Release of Liability
  • Refusal Confirmation Letter (buy separately)
  • Customer’s Certificate of Completion and Satisfaction (buy separately)
  • Contents Disposal Authorization (buy separately)
  • Change Order: For changes to price, scope, time of completion (buy separately)
  • Scripts for a smooth presentation of each form to the customer
  • Detailed Instruction Guide for the use and execution of each form
  • The “Dos and Don’ts of Contracts” Webinar by Ed Cross
  • Helpful Handouts
  • Private 15-minute video or telephone conference with Ed Cross
  • …and all the free forms

This Contract was not designed for Coronavirus work.  Please click here our for our COVID-19 contract.

Best Value! The California Restoration Contract Package includes all of the items listed above (35 documents in all), a $3,600 value, all for only $895!

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, or your money back, no questions asked.