Claims against any “public entity” are specifically regulated by statute and are controlled by the highly technical provisions of California’s Tort Claims Act.  Our government claims practice provides aggressive representation to contractors and property owners in claims against government entities throughout California.

Bringing an action against a governmental entity presents special procedural requirements.  Before a lawsuit or complaint can be filed with the court, the injured party must first file a claim with the government agency.  The filing of the claim is governed by strict timing and service requirements. Timing is crucial for government claims practice.  Most claims must be brought to the attention of the government within six (6) months of the alleged injury or damage.  Failure to follow the specific timing requirements will prevent the injured party from bringing a case against the entity responsible. 

Our team is well-versed in the California Tort Claims Act and the implications it has had for private parties bringing claims against the government.  State governments have partially waived their immunity.  Entities that may be sued include states, cities, counties, public schools, hospitals and transportation systems, and other agencies and departments operated by a public or governmental agency. 

Governmental liability can arise from residential property damage, breach of contract, government bids, personal injury, slip and falls on government property, eminent domain, remediation projects, casino licensing, requests for proposals and more.  Our firm has handled a wide variety of claims against numerous entities and has a long track record of very favorable recoveries. From personal injury or personal property tort claims to breach of contract or real property damage claims, the government may be liable for damage it has caused.  If you wish to pursue a claim against a large legal entity such as the government, you need the experienced representation offered by the Law Offices of Edward H. Cross .