Last Updated: July 22, 2020

To Purchase the Employee Disclosure Agreement and Notice of Workplace Hazards:

Do you have a written record that your employees are on notice of potential hazards they may encounter in your business?  Don’t let them claim surprise.

Many companies lack an organized system for the identification and isolation of workers who may have contagious disease, such as COVID-19, and this places the companies at risk of legal liability, loss of employee productivity, decreased morale in the workplace, the risk of transmission of disease to employees and customers, and damage to the company’s goodwill.

This simple one-page form has two basic functions: to confirm an employee’s agreement to follow a system of protocols designed to reduce the risk of disease, and to place employees on notice of potential hazards in the workplace.  It has the added benefit of instilling in employees a sense of comfort that the company is being proactive to protect their well-being.  It should be presented to employees as something that is for their protection. 

What is included in the package?

  • Employee Disclosure Agreement and Notice of Workplace Hazards
  • Ebook with overviews of the rules and regulations applicable to employers, instructions on how to prepare and present the Disclosure Agreement, a plain English explanation of its terms and much more
  • Lots of helpful free forms, including the CDC’s Resuming Business Toolkit, the required FFCRA Poster, OSHA forms, and much more!