Our robust Coronavirus Service Contract Packages are available for immediate download for the following states for a fraction of the cost of a lawsuit. Buy with Zero Risk because your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, or your money back.

Don’t See Your State Here?

Purchase the California Coronavirus Service Contract and have it reviewed by a local attorney in your state to make it compliant with applicable local and state laws. The most economical approach is to ask the lawyer to do the minimum make it “legal” in the state, rather than rewriting it for style or strategy. Two steps: (1) remove whatever is illegal in the state (there will be very little); and (2) add whatever is necessary to make it legal in the state (also very little work). Most lawyers can complete this in about an hour.

Coronavirus is Risky Work!

There are very high potential financial stakes at play when a contractor seeks COVID-19 work, and contractors should proceed carefully and thoughtfully.  Industry experts report significant challenges in disinfecting buildings contaminated with this virus.  The coronavirus disinfection agreement should be drafted so as to minimize the risk of liability that could increase exponentially.  Unlike mold or asbestos, COVID-19 is highly contagious.  Contractors who work in these environments should prepare themselves for the risk that one infected person could infect others who could, in turn, infect others.  If the proper legal protections are not in place, the cleaner’s liability could multiply exponentially.  The Coronavirus Service Agreement prepared by Ed Cross and his team fills this need. 

Customer Health Questionnaire

To gauge their risks and formulate scopes of work, contractors want information about the health conditions of the occupants of the structures where they will work. That process consists of visual observations, interviews with owners and occupants, and collection of available data. This Customer Health Questionnaire is one step in that process. To download your complimentary copy of our Customer Health Questionnaire, please click here.